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Front Row’s software empowers teachers to meet the needs of every student

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Your all-in-one solution

Front Row offers lessons across Math, ELA and Social Studies. Your team will spend less time learning software and more time helping students grow.

  • Targeted Math Practice

    Have students practice specific math standards

  • Adaptive Math Practice

    Students practice math at their own level

  • Adaptive ELA Articles

    Over 400 articles at 5 reading levels from K-12

  • Adaptive Word Study

    Foster student growth in recognizing word patterns

  • Assessments

    Show student growth and practice for state testing

  • Lesson Plans

    Engage students with real-world lesson plans for Math and Social Studies

  • Reporting

    Access over 15 reports to track progress and usage

Proven to increase scores

In addition to simplifying life for your teachers, Front Row is research-backed and proven to increase test scores.

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Track growth at a glance

Administrators get an in-depth view into the Math and ELA performance of each school (and every classroom) so you can track growth at a glance.

Learn why Pasadena Unified chose Front Row for its 17,000 students

Teachers know best and they made it clear that Front Row was changing things for them. It’s so quick, easy to use, and purposeful that our teachers didn’t need any encouragment to use it.

Helen Chan Hill
Director, Curriculum, Instruction & Professional Development

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Loved by teachers

Front Row is used by over 300,000 teachers and has a perfect 5-star teacher rating on the Common Sense website.

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Your staff will receive a customized professional development training, and everyone who already has a Front Row account will instantly be upgraded to our premium version.