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Access to All Front Row Content on All Devices

Front Row contains over 28,000 common core aligned questions covering all of K-8 math, and over 1,400 videos to help students when they get stuck.

Full Teacher Dashboard & Administrator Dashboard

The administrator dashboard of Front Row shows where each student is at any given time, and shows growth for each class in the school.
With the full teacher dashboard, teachers can manage their rosters and access valuable reports showing live student data and growth. Learn more.

Unlimited Benchmark Assessments

School Edition includes an unlimited number of common core aligned benchmark assessments. These assements let you take an overall skill inventory across all CCSS standards for a grade, or for a single strand (e.g. Fractions). Data from benchmark assessments is exceptionally detailed, and includes student performance by standard and by every single question.

Ongoing Professional Development

The Front Row School Edition has everything that you need to be successful as a school, including incredible professional development. We'll start with an introductory session to help each teacher get set up, and then will periodically check in with each teacher to make sure they can get the most out of the program. Learn more.

Inquiry Based Lessons

Challenge your students to explore and learn math concepts through real-world scenarios with Front Row's project-based lessons. Each learning unit is broken out into multiple days, and each day comes with a detailed presentation for the teacher to follow and an inquiry sheet for students to show their thinking and collaborate with their classmates.

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Empower your teachers with the most advanced Front Row features

Empower your teachers

The Front Row School Edition empowers teachers to create more meaningful small groups, better printables, and easier to view standards based report cards. Teachers can also adjust their classes on the fly and make sure everyone has the right access to the right student data. This is all accomplished by giving teachers the ability to organize their students into multiple classes, transfer students between teachers at will, and share student data across teachers.

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Ongoing Professional Development

Front Row is the most powerful adaptive math tool in the world, and it's really easy to use, too. But using data to drive day-to-day teaching takes development and practice, and getting really good at it takes even more. That's why the Front Row School edition offers live chats, one-on-one sessions with the Front Row team, a video PD library, and periodic webinars to make your teachers the best they can be.

Actionable data to improve the outcome of every single student

As a school leader, you're responsible for managing the growth of every student in your school - often an impossible task. With the Front Row School Edition, you can have actionable data to target each and every student. You can see whether the student is low or is high, whether they're improving or stagnant. And what's more, you can see it by Common Core domain, so you know exactly what to do to help them.

Create the best learning groups across your school with ease

Effectively grouping students into learning groups across your school can be the key between students who grow tremendously, and students who languish. With the School Edition, you can see exactly which groups across your school are going to be the most effective, and you can get them the attention they need.

Know exactly where to target interventions

Effectively target interventions

Each student responds differently to each teacher, and each group of students has a different learning dynamic. Being a successful school leader means knowing how each class is doing, and how each cohort within each class is doing. With the Front Row School Edition, you can know how the low, middle, and high students in each class are growing, and you can know exactly which topics they are strong in, and which ones they need intervention in.

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