Front Row for Grades K-2

Kid-friendly, adaptive lessons to build foundational skills

No prior reading or computer skills needed

Students practice early reading and math skills at their own pace with audio-guided lessons and big, colorful buttons.

K-2 Front Row student dashboard. Image of piggy with buttons for Number Facts, Word Study, Decodables, Sight Words. Menu at bottom for Home, Math, ELA, and Assignments.

Introduce fundamental math skills

Your students can practice foundational math skills at their own level. Or, if you prefer, you can assign them lessons on specific standards.

"Collect the ingredients so we can bake a cake!" A series of simple addition problems using different types of fruit to illustrate adding numbers 1-5.

Build vocabulary, spelling, and reading proficiency

With Front Row, your students will start recognizing words, associating letters and sounds, and reading fun, age-appropriate stories.

A page from a Decodables story. "We can ride a bike!" Picture of a red bicycle at the park.

Articles written for your K-2 students

Hundreds of Front Row’s ELA, Science, and Social Studies articles are available in K-2 reading levels. Each student will practice reading at the level that’s perfect for them.

Under 1st grade level version of an article on bubble gum. "Bubble gum is a tasty treat!" with picture of gum balls and a button to play audio of the sentence. Reading comprehension questions about the article on the right.

Watch your students grow

Monitor how much practice your students are completing, how much their skills are growing, and where they could use extra help.

ELA Reading Skills Report. Color-coded chart showing individual students' reading level and performance in nine different areas of reading.

Aligned with your state’s standards

Front Row is aligned with Common Core, Texas, Florida, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania standards, so you can assign the right lessons for your students.

Screen where teachers can assign Targeted Practice around a specific standard. Domain: Counting & Cardinality. Standard: K.CC.1: Count to 100.


Get started today

Front Row helps you deliver the perfect lesson to all of your students.