Education today is not an equitable resource: schools across the country offer drastically different levels of educational resources and support. Front Row provides students with the means to not only stay on track, but to actively develop the skills they need to be motivated, self-starting learners for their entire lives.

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The people who make Front Row possible:

Sidharth Kakkar


Sidharth left the corporate worlds of Goldman Sachs & Bain & Co to pursue a lifelong goal of working in education. He found a friend who would let him hang out in an inner-city Baltimore school, where he dragged an iPad cart around by day, and wrote the code for Front Row by night. A couple years later, Front Row has millions of students using the program, and he couldn't be happier to be getting back to his roots.

Alex Kurilin


Alex dropped out from a career at Microsoft and from graduate school at Carnegie Mellon after realizing that big data, the Internet, and classroom mobile devices made it possible for technology to finally unlock true potential for all students - a vision he relentlessly pursues at Front Row. Alex lives in San Francisco and spends his free time petting Corgi puppies and seeking the ultimate kimchi & bulgogi burrito.

Bill Fickett

Director of Curriculum

After graduating from UCSB, Bill joined Teach for America and taught 3rd - 5th grade in North Las Vegas, where he was nominated for the Sue Lehmann Award. Bill leads curriculum development at Front Row, and loves the members of his team because they laugh at his bad jokes. When he isn't talking about his beloved Bay Area sports teams, Bill is an avid reader who enjoys songwriting and exercising.

Joris Buchou


Joris was the fourth employee at Front Row, but the first French employee. A proud son of educators, Joris is excited to be building tools that improve the student learning experience. In his free time, Joris enjoys juggling, exploring SF, listening to reggae music, diving, traveling to new places, and eating chocolate. Joris holds a MS in CS and an MBA from French-sounding places.

Clinton Loo


Clinton hails from the rainy (but beautiful!) Pacific NW - Portland, OR to be exact. He joined the education movement through Teach for America and taught high school math in San Jose for four years. When he's not trying to smash math, science and social studies standards together with real world situations, you can find him rock climbing or watching baseball.

Amy Klazkin


Amy joined Front Row as Bill's first trusty sidekick on the Curriculum Team after working as a 3rd grade teacher in East Oakland. She is a University of Wisconsin-Madison grad and holds the Midwest (and cheese) close to her heart. When she’s not researching the waggle dance of the honey bee or rules of professional drag racing (for Front Row content, of course), you can find Amy playing volleyball, painting, or hiking in Marin.

Michelle Kim

Business Operations

Michelle grew up in Seattle and is a die-hard Seahawks fan, creating tension among team members in the snack corner. She attended Northwestern University where she hung out with other nerds in the freezing cold while studying Math and Economics. Her hobbies include finding the best Korean food in town, collecting funny socks, and hanging out in Oakland.

Sarah Egler


Sarah’s interest in education began while studying at the University of Washington, where she volunteered at a local preschool. She taught math and chemistry at Richmond High School before joining Front Row, where Bill overlooked her Seahawks pride in exchange for her willingess to laugh at his bad jokes. In her free time, Sarah enjoys the ocean, running, playing soccer, and learning languages.

Chris Parks


Chris grew up in Louisville, where he spent much of his youth building with LEGO bricks. Chris studied at the University of Kentucky, where he was introduced to Functional Programming, then moved to the Bay Area to build large-scale automation systems at Apple. Now he finds himself surprised and delighted to be writing Haskell for a living at Front Row. His hobbies include cycling, reading, and playing with LEGO bricks.

Mike Pi


Mike Pi joined Front Row to spearhead our sales efforts. It took him about 3.14 days to fit right in, bringing hilarious stories to our team lunches and adding the delightfully salty macadamia nut to our snack corner. As a former teacher in San Jose, MPi gets teachers. When he’s not winning teachers and districts over on the phone, you can find Mike at any dance concert (literally all of them - he'll be there).

Annie Johansen

Growth and Operations

Annie joins the team at Front Row after spending two years teaching fourth and sixth grade in LA with Teach for America. She holds a BA in Environmental Studies and International and Area Studies from Washington University in St. Louis. Outside of work, you can find Annie running on local trails, cooking, playing board games with friends, or just snuggling up with a good book.

Joan Xie

Business Operations

Joan joins Front Row after a career in consulting at Bain, where she worked on pro-bono education cases and ate all the free food. Now, she works at Front Row as a 'bizness' person and eats all the free snacks. In her free time, she enjoys exploring the outdoors of Marin, yoga, a certain reality TV show that has lost her the respect of many a friend, and basically all other standard millennial pursuits.

David Reaver


David was born and raised in Riverside, CA, and obtained a BS/MS in mechanical engineering at UC Riverside. He began his career making simulation tools for the oil industry, but his desire to focus on software engineering and his passion to improve education led him to Front Row. Outside of his day job, David is a musician and music educator. He has performed and taught in over 30 states and a few countries.

Chris Sidor


Chris joined Front Row after spending the last 9 years selling, building and managing sales teams. He joined Front Row to re-connect with the education world after having being away from it for 2 years. He hails from Chicago, has lived in Denver for 7 years, and is now settling in San Francisco. When away from work you can find Chris traveling, golfing, and exploring restaurants throughout the Bay Area!

Ricky Franklin


Ricky was raised in the California Central Valley and attended Cal Poly. Ricky taught 7th grade science for two years in Memphis, TN, with Teach for America. He's passionate about sports and led his Memphis boys baseball team to back to back City Championships. After teaching, he joined Optimizely's sales team before joining Front Row as their 2nd Account Executive.

Brooks Dougherty


Brooks taught high school science in San Jose before moving over to work in EdTech. After a few years leading teacher advocacy and customer success at Edmodo, he joined Front Row, where he works with schools and districts to adopt our School Edition. When he's not talking with teachers, you'll find Brooks outside or on a basketball court with Pi.

Phil Sharp


Phil is a former 5th grade teacher who has spent much of the last 10 years building and leading marketing teams. Since Front Row's users do so much to spread the word, Phil spends most of his time being thankful to market a product supported by so many teachers, and the rest of his time hoping Sidharth doesn’t realize he’s unnecessary.

Aly Pence

Customer Success

Aly spent seven years as a first grade teacher at the Star of the Sea school before joining Front Row.

Brittany Berenz


Brittany spent 2 years as a teacher with Teach for America in Miami before joining Front Row.

Michelle Lee


Michelle is excited to join the Front Row team (again), the first time in Biz Ops, and now in Marketing. After graduating from Dartmouth, she was a strategy consultant at Bain & Co and a cupcake taster at a local bakery. When she's not talking animatedly about Front Row, you can find her settling Catan, snowboarding on the soft west coast snow, or making fun of Bill for his bad jokes.

Nikita Khetan


Nikita taught 3rd-5th grade literacy over four years in Las Vegas and San Jose, where she fit right in with her students mostly because they were the same height as her. She is excited to join the amazing Front Row team developing curriculum that she knows will be a game changer for teachers and students alike. When not at work, you'll find her escaping on weekend trips to wherever she can go!

Taylor Fausak


Taylor grew up in Dallas, where he now lives and works. After studying a little Computer Science at UT Austin, he helped make mobile better for families at Famigo. Then he turned to higher ed at OrgSync before arriving in the middle at Front Row. In his free time he enjoys cycling, weightlifting, and drinking craft beer.

Chris Beavers


Chris joined Front Row after five years of soullessly spouting buzzwords in the big data sector. He's entirely too proud that he's a native Austinite, and in his free time enjoys fixing motorcycles, writing short stories and vacuuming his chocolate labs.

Evan Borden


Evan has been tinkering on the web since before browsers supported the img tag. He is a functional programming enthusiast, bassist, standards advocate, beer geek, fermentation fanatic, flip flop cyclist, beard connoisseur and son of an educator. He currently resides in Brooklyn NY.

Emily Glick

Customer Success

After nearly 10 years in sales, training and account management in the energy industry, Emily comes to Front Row with a passion to disrupt our education system. She escaped the east coast winters after living in Buffalo, Ithaca, and Boston, and considers San Francisco home. She is an avid runner, loves to travel, hang with her husband, family and friends, and munch on peanut butter filled pretzels.

Jing Tien


Jing comes to Front Row after nearly a decade of working in design at tech companies around the Bay Area. She is most excited about designing a product that impacts thousands of students and teachers every day.

Jamie Ryan


Originally from Chicago, Jamie headed west to California to attend Santa Clara University. She joins Front Row after working with several education related start-ups, most recently with School Loop. Outside of work, you can find Jamie on weekend adventures, running in Golden Gate Park, or enjoying live music.

Kristine Welsh-Loveman

Customer Success

Kristine is a former 7th grade math teacher that worked at a different education technology company prior to joining FrontRow. When she's not helping teachers and admins utilize FrontRow, Kristine is often found playing music around the Bay, or trying to convince herself she can still hold her own on the soccer field.

Olivia Boger


Olivia joins Front Row after teaching kindergarten in New Orleans (Geaux Saints!) for 2 years with Teach for America, followed by a year at a startup in SF. She is an Atlanta native and a Duke University grad (Go Devils!), and is passionate about bringing quality education to every classroom in the US. Olivia enjoys the game Fish Bowl, every type of cheese except Swiss, and pretending she's in an acapella group.

Maggie Kenney


Maggie joins Front Row after spending 2 years as a special education teacher with Teach for America in Las Vegas, and most recently working at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She is excited to work with Front Row to continue making an impact in education. When not at work, you can find Maggie playing on every rec sports team that will let her join.

And our incredible investors...