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Common Core Aligned

With Front Row you can have the certainty that every single problem your students are working on has been written with the Common Core in mind. Our advanced break-down of the Common Core ensures that a student doesn't miss any part of a standard that would later prevent her from advancing.


Scratch Paper & Manipulatives

Front Row allows your students to use their device as scratch paper for quick computations and to help them master subjects more naturally. Front Row also comes jam-packed with dozens of virtual manipulatives that help your students count with real-world objects.

The Front Row app, I would recommend, because it is one which is user friendly, and it taps into the different modalities of learning, and it also aids a teacher in differentiation ... It is so structured, to point them to assistance, independent of the teacher.

Dwight Barnes
Dwight Barnes
4th Grade Teacher

Standards-based Report Cards

With Front Row you no longer need to generate math report cards by hand. The application knows where each of your students stands with respect to the Common Core and gives you immediate access to each report card. Save yourself hours of time you'd need to individually test every young scholar to assess her ability. Front Row takes care of it for you!


Questions Read-Aloud

Are your students still too young to be comfortable with reading word problems? Are there ESL scholars in your classroom? We got you covered. Front Row is able to read every single question aloud and help your students move on as they work on their reading skills.

The dashboard is amazing. Insights are exactly the quick pieces of information a teacher would want at first glance. The grouping tab is really clean looking and is exactly what teachers and administrators want to see on a daily basis. Teachers could literally print that out and use it in their lesson plans when talking about flexible grouping. It does a great job of presenting the information in a simple way.

Dwight Barnes
Josh Shaw
Elementary School Technology Director

Individualized Printables

Ever tried making a personalized worksheet for each one of your 30+ students? With one clicq Front Row generates individualized printables for each student in the classroom saving your hundreds of ours throughout the school year and making sure each young scholar is working exactly on what they need to advance fast.


For 1:1 classrooms and centers

Working in a 1:1 environment? Great! We got you covered. Only have a few iPads, Chromebooks or Laptops? No problem! Front Row is built to work just as well in classrooms where students take turns at using their devices. A student can use Front Row from any device, even at home!

The teacher dashboard is in a very clear format. I like that I can see in 1 place how each student in the class is progressing. The green/yellow/red color code is a great visual as well as the specific number within the box. It's helpful that I can hover over each concept and see the explanation of that standard.
Overall great product!

Dwight Barnes
Jennifer Auten
2nd Grade Teacher

Instant Feedback

Front Row comes with hundreds of videos custom-tailored to provide your student with the right help at the right time. Unlike videos you might have used before, our videos are extremely short and right to the point, ensuring the student can pay attention and gets help on the specific problem she is facing.


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