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Personalized math and reading comprehension practice your students will love.

By addressing student weaknesses and building off strengths, Front Row is designed to increase confidence
and promote growth in ALL students, regardless of their ability level.

Front Row users include:

32,000 schools

172,000 teachers

2.7 million students

Effective and proven results with Front Row in your classroom:

Research confirms students who use Front Row exhibit higher end-of-year achievement scores than students who do not

Users from major school districts across the U.S.

From Kindergarten to 8th grade, Front Row's adaptibility makes it ideal for any classroom. This flexibility provides
highly effective education tools for schools all over the U.S. and beyond.

Real-time algorithms to keep every student engaged.

When starting ELA content or a new math domain, students take a diagnostic to identify what they excel in and what they would benefit most from practicing. In subsequent practice sessions, our advanced algorithm updates in real-time, providing each student with unique practice.

Actionable data to make monitoring student progress easy.

Our teacher dashboard comes with rich data on student performance such as our standards-based report cards, detailed session data for each student, and student groupings by skill level.

A full toolkit for students to take charge of their education.

Students are equipped with manipulatives and scratch paper on their devices to help them work through each question. Front Row Math also comes with videos for students struggling with specific concepts and a read-aloud option so that reading ability doesn't hinder math progress.

Spanish translations for increased accessibility.

In Front Row Math, teachers are able to choose the language setting for each student, ensuring that each student can learn in the language that is more comfortable for them.

Standards-aligned materials to keep your students on track.

With Front Row, you can be sure that every math problem your students solve and every article they read is based on state standards. Our advanced break-down of the standards ensures that no student misses anything that would later prevent him or her from succeeding.

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